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Carcano M1891 Rifle
Torre Annunziata Arsenal
Date: 1894
Calibre 6.5 x 52mm
Serial W9490

Good Condition - Very Early Dated

The standard Italian rifle of the Great War was adopted in 1891.

It was fed with a 6-round clip. The clip was a Mannlicher design and the breech block assembly was designed by an Italian gunsmith named Carcano.

While it is looked down upon by some devotees of the "finer" rifles, it was a rugged weapon that didn't foul up easily
and withstood hard treatment. Its smaller cartridges "Cal. 6.5x52 mm vs. 7.92 mm Mauser" meant a soldier could carry more rounds and its clip
held 6 rounds vs. 5 per clip for almost all rifles of the other belligerents.

It's length was designed for an obsolete method of warfare, allowing an infantryman to fend off the lance or saber of a mounted cavalryman.

Manufactured at the Torre Annunziata Arsenal in 1894 - 130 Years Ago

The Torre Annunziata only manufactured the M1891 between 1893 to 1900,
during WW1 it concentrated on repairing M1891 Rifles & converting Vetterli Rifles to 6.5mm

Stripped & Checked Over - Head Space Checked

This is a Section 1 Firearm & requires a Firerams Licence or RFD