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Schmidt Rubin
Model 1889 Bayonet
By Maschinenfabrik Bern

Serial No 46710
Price: £175

Rare - Very Good Condition

Issued with the Schmidt-Rubin Models 1889 & 1896/11

This is the First Model & Escaped The Later Upgrade Programme

The Model 1889 bayonet has a single edge and is fullered on both sides.
There were problems with the bayonet staying in the scabbard leading to the modifications made to the Models 1899 and 1889/18.

Muzzle Ring Diameter - 15mm

Manufactured by: Maschinenfabrik Bern, Neuhausen S.I.G. & Waffenfabrik Neuhausen

Serial No 46710 was originally matched with a 1892 Dated Model 1889 Rifle

The Model 1889 bayonet served as the pattern for the US Krag bayonet.

These are fairly Rare as most were later upgraded by putting a rivet in the fuller which became the Model 1889/18 Bayonet


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