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Model 1914 Pioneer Bayonet
By Elsener Schwyz

Serial No 807812
Price: £275

Excellent Condition

Issued with the Schmidt-Rubin Models 1911 Carbine & K31

Serial No 807812 relates to a 1944 dated K31

Muzzle Ring Diameter - .56" (14.2mm)

Manufacturers: Elsener Schwyz, H.S., H.St., Waffenfabrik Neuhausen

The Model 1914 differs from earlier sawtooth models with the addition of the bulge at the end of the blade. Also, the 1914 is fullered on only one side.

The Model 1914 was issued to only select troops.
When issued with K31s the were issued to:


Driver Corporals and Mounted Artillery Sergeants

Blacksmiths, Blacksmith Private First Classes or Lance Corporal, Blacksmith Sergeants.

Drivers for Motorized Field Artillery, Howitzers and Heavy Howitzers

Swords, Bayonets & Knives Are Only Sold To Adults Over 18.
Photo I.D. As Proof Of Age Will Be Required When Ordering

Schmidt Rubin Bayonet