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BSA 1916
No1 MkIII*
Calibre .303
Serial No Z47474
Price: £900

Original All Matching Rifle

This is the standard MkIII* .303 SMLE rifle manufactured by BSA in 1916

This rifle is an all original rifle with all original matching numbers.

All original rifles just dont come up that often, they have been through two world wars & various conflicts, resulting in rebuild & repair programmes
where the originality is lost.

We have only done the minimal amount of cleaning, the original preservative applied to the barrel to stop corrosion in use has been left intact, the wood was quite dry, it now has had a coat of linseed oil.

Bore is good gauging at .304

We found this example in a small village near Mühle in Germany. How it got there is unknown as it was a deceased estate.

How it remained intact for 105 years is amazing, it also evaded civillian proof!!

It Has Now Been Proofed