Highwood Classic Arms

British & Commonwealth

Small Frame Martini Rifles



BSA International
Light Weight Model
Serial No; UF1663L
Calibre .22
Price: £350
Excellent Condition

The Mk3 was introduced circa 1961 with the following improved features:
Longer action body
Full floating barrel
New barrel to action breaching method
Improved Parker hale sights.

The Mk3 had a true floating barrel where the fore-end was mounted on an Aluminium fore-end hangar which connects the fore-end to the main action and is totally free of the barrel.
The barrel is breached to the action through a 3 inch honed bore & then locked in position with two precision pins.

This is the rarer Light Weight Model

These rifles are still capable of amazing accuracy at the fraction of the cost of a modern .22 target rifle.