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Martini Enfield

Artillery Carbine MkI
Calibre .303
Price: £350

Very Good Condition

Based upon the MMACIII, the carbine was made from Martin Henry MkIII rifles withdrawn from service, a new purpose made
Enfield rifled barrel was fitted a capital “E” stamped upon the knocksform to denote that form of rifling

Sighting was 2000 yards. Origtinal breech block converted to .303” with the dovetail insert.

The bayonet fitting is the “rigby”pattern and is designed to accept the P1888 sword bayonet, the single part forend is fixed via a hook plate into the receiver.

The block, firing pin, sleeve & extractor are all correct for the .303

Receiver markings are:
Left MkIII & date (1882).
Right M.E. 303 ACI & date (1897)

Very common with both Snider & Martini Carbines they are DP marked. This was due to the fact of their obsolescence and issue to
Cadets & Boys Brigade for use for Drill Purpose and Parades

The butt has a Manufacturers Roundel for Enfield and has "I" for Mk I& "I" for First Class Arm.

As per the modification from 22nd September 1903 the fore -sight wings have been removed to accept the sprung pattern fore-sight protector.

A good useable rifle that was originaly manufactured in 1882 which was 137 years ago

Good Shooting Gauge Bore Measuring at 304"