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Dance 1862
7 1/2" Barrel Black Powder Revolver
Serial No: C2298
Calibre .44


Almost new in its box

I doubt this one has ever been fired apart from proof

These retail new for £352

In the winter of 1861/62 J.H.Dance & Brothers of Columbia (first capital of Texas) started the production of revolvers. The pistols were probably inspired by the Colt Dragoon and 1851 models of the period. The prototype was presented on April 22, 1862 and was soon considered to be superior to the best Colts. The Dance is easily distinguishable by its lack of recoil shield on the frame, round barrel and squareback trigger guard.

Manufactured in Italy by Pietta. If you think about replicas of historical high quality arms, Pietta is certainly the reference name for all industry fans. Established in the 1960s and still run by the Pietta family. The commercial success of Pietta lays on the quality of the replicas, guaranteed by continuous and substantial investments aimed at maintaining and improving exceptionally high production quality.