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Model 1891 Carbine
Date: 1918
Serial No: Z3638


Moschetto Modello 1891 with integral folding

*** This example has the transitional bayonet locking leaver modification used before 1916 ***

These were adopted on 9 June 1893 and under Act No. 116 dated of 15 July 1893 is when the nomenclature became official.
These have been referenced as Cavalry Carbines this is incorrect and no such name has ever been used that called them as such.

These were initially made to be issued to Cavalry Troops but were however issued to other troops as well such as the Carabinieri Reali, Bersaglieri Ciclisti, and later to the Paratroopers and the MVSN Troops.

Initially these models did not have handguards on them but were added to them as per Circular No.400 dated June 30, 1916.

They modified or manufactured new made nose caps for these with a little tab on the top of them to fit the handguard into. As part of this modification process they also had to modify the rear sight assembly on the back where the handguard fit into it.


Brescia Manufactured 286,000 M1891 Carbines between 1893 - 1919

These were recently released as Surplus by the Italian Carabinieri.

Still covered in Cosomoline Storage Grease, they were cleaned just enough to allow proof, we are now stripping & cleaning in preparation for sale.

Just Been Proofed & Head Space Checked at proof & Again by us

Very Good Conition, the bores have strong rifling with some frosting