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Italian Carcano
Moschetto Modello 1891/24
Model 1891/24 Carbine
Date 1918
Calibre 6.5mm
Serial No QH8968

Very Good Condition

This one does come with a cleaning rod, we just forgot to put it back in for the first few photographs

The Model 1891/24 Carbine was approved to replace the Model 1891 TS currently in service.

The conversion consisted of shortening the barrels & fore-end of the existing M91 rifles, this also eliminated the most severely worn part of the rifling, the barrels were also turned to accept a bayonet to the muzzle end. The rear sights range notches were modified from 600 - 1,500 metres, the front sight is mounted in a dovetail on a ferrule that fits over the barrel.

This example originally manufactured in 1918 at Terni, and converted at Terni in 1927

These were recently released as Surplus by the Italian Carabinieri.

Still covered in Cosomoline Storage Grease, they were cleaned just enough to allow proof, we are now stripping & cleaning in preparation for sale.

Just Been Proofed & Head Space Checked at proof & Again by us

Very Good Conition, the bore has strong rifling with some frosting