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Martini Enfield

Artillery Carbine
Serial No 3960

Calibre .303
Price: £500

Very Good Condition

Conversion from Martin Henry MkIII Rifle

Production of the carbine was based upon the MKIII Martini action from a MkIII rifle.

A new purpose made Enfield rifled barrel was fitted a capital “E” stamped upon the knocksform to denote that form of rifling. Sighting was 2000 yards.
A purpose made .303” breech block was installed.

The bayonet fitting is the “rigby”pattern and is designed to accept the P1888 sword bayonet, the single part forend is fixed via a hook plate into the receiver.

A year after the introduction of the MkI, it was supeseded by the MkII

The block, firing pin, sleeve & extractor are all correct for the .303

Receiver markings are:
Left III & date (1830).
Right M.E. ACI & date (1896)

Matching serial numbers on the action & rear sight and various military inspection marks,

Down graded to Drill Purpose whilst still in service & marked to the
Royal Warwickshire Regiment

I suspect it was used by the Royal Warwickshire Regiment Cadet Force

I have shot this several times reloaded ammunition, it doesnt like Hot or Modern MkVII ammunition which causes hard extraction.
It was designed for the earlier MKVI .303 Ammunition.

Modern .303 Proof by the Birmingham Proof House

The bore gauges at .303 and the the last 3/4" at the muzzle gauges .304 - Basically hardly any wear

Very Good Condition Quite remarkable considering this rifle was originaly manufactured in 1880 which was 140 years ago