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No4T Mk1 (T)
Sniper Rifle
Serial No: M39525
Less Telescope
BSA 1944
Calibre .303

Price: £2,200

A genuine WW2 No4T Scopeless


It is believed 3,440 No4Ts remained unfinished when the contract with Holland and Holland ended in 1946.

These were designated “No. 4 MK. I (T. LESS TELESCOPE)” as they never had scopes mated to the rifles, and this designation was stencilled on the front of their
No. 15 Mk. I wooden chests and held in War Reserve Stores, probably at Weedon or Donnington.

Most surviving examples of these rifles have the "TR & S51" marks and cheek rests, but do not have the T on the side of the action or telescope serial number
on the wrist of the butt.

This is a great example of a T. Less Telsecope, matching numbers throughout, much of the soft Holland & Holland Brunofix surface finish is still intact.

The butt has the the S51 Holland & Holland Inspectors mark, but no telescope serial number on the top of the wrist.

Its very rare to see a BSA example as they are nearly always Savage examples

Very Good Bore Gauging at .302"

A Rare & Original Example