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Charger Loading Lee Enfield
Calibre .303
Serial No 1321 F
Price: £800

Very Good Condition

Originally a 1903 dated Magazine Lee Enfield MkI*

Converted to CLLE MkI* in 1910 at BSA

At the time of conversion it was also fitted with a new barrel, which is also dated 1910

This consisted of the Charger Bridge from the SMLE MKIII being fitted & the dustcover & lugs being removed from the bolt.
New windage adjustable rear sight & foresight protector

Originally down graded to DP, and later cancelled when returned to 2nd line service possibly late WWI or WW2

This one has a good bore gauging at a fraction over .304, though has a some throat wear

Modern proofs & Head Space has been checked

Matching Serial numbers on Action, Barrel & Bolt