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Birmingham Small Arms
Date: 1917/18
Calibre .303
Serial No K31141

Naval Issue

Price: £750

Very Good Condition

A standard WWI SMLE MKIII built by BSA

Marked as a MKIII* then cancelled with the * struck through when the magazine Cut-off was reinstated post war after 1918

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Re- Barrelled 1940
Probably when rifles were drawn from war reserve at the start of the war & repaired ready for issue to the expanding British Forces

Very Good Bore Gauging .303"

The left side of the butt socket is stamped with a "N" denoting Naval Issue

This one, orignally came from the large stock of various Lee Enfields released by the Italian Goverment about 18 years ago
We managed to aquire a large quantity 15 years ago.
We sold this one originally back then.

The Naval mark was most proably applied when it was in British Naval Service, the marks are similar to other British Naval marked Arms

Details on the Italian Navy Rifles can be found here