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Schmidt Rubin
Model 1911
Model 96/11 (Conversion)
Calibre 7.5x55mm
Date: 1897
Serial No: 213290
Price: £450

Very Good Condition

Historical Summary of the Model 1911 (New Build) & Model 96/11 (Conversion)

Upgrade of exiting rifles to the Model 1911

It was determined that the 89/96 could easily be converted to handle the new cartridge by re-barreling the rifle. The eralier Model 1889s could not be converted

1889/96s were converted to 1896/11by replacing or modifying the following:

A new barrel with new front and rear sights.
A pistol grip was grafted onto the stock of the rifle.
The new rifles were also fitted with 6rd magazines, similar to the 1889/1900 pattern magazine, minus the reinforcing ridge, although the magazine did include a bolt hold-open feature for when the magazine was empty.
A new trigger-guard was fitted to accommodate the new magazine.

However, it took several years for all the 89/96s to be converted to 96/11 and 1911 Rifle production continued until 1919

In addition to modernizing their old rifles, in 1913, the Model 1911 was formally adopted. These rifles, along with those converted to the new pattern, fired the new GP11 round.
The GP11 round fired a175 grain round at 2640 fps.

127,000 1911 Rifles were produced from 1913 to 1919.

This is a nice Model 1911 converted from the earlier M1896, matching numbers: Action, Barrel, Bolt, Stock / Hand Guard, Butt Plate & Magazine

Serial No Range for 1897 (212001 - 221000)

Canton (Swiss Confederation State) Marked for Glarus & Rack No:30818
This is one of the 26 cantons forming the Swiss Confederation
Marked out of Military Service

Section 1 FAC Required