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Lee Enfield SMLE
No2 MkIV*

Calibre .22
Serial No 94900

Price: £1,200

Excellent Condition

The MkIV was approved for Land Service in 1921 and is a conversion from the SMLE Mk III & III*.
Due to nomenclature changes in 1926, it became the “Rifle No2 MkIV*”.
The original designation marking on the butt socket were removed & new ones stamped below the Royal Cypher & original year of manufacture.

The magazine was added in May 1925 with the spring & follower removed.
The purpose of the magazine was to catch spent cases.

The bolt has an off centre floating firing pin & larger extractor claw. There were circa 25,000 converted at Enfield.


This example was converted in 1938 at Enfield from a 1918 dated BSA rifle, as marked on the butt socket.

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With access to military Ranges deminishing & the current cost of .303 ammunition this a more affordable way of still
shooting the Classic Lee Enfied

The bore on this rifle is in Mint Condition