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Short, Magazine Lee-Enfield sniper rifle with Periscopic Prism Company telescope (PPCo) sight
London Small Arms (LSA)
Calibre .303
Price: £3500

Commission Sale

By 1915 the British had selected its standard military SMLE rifle for sniper conversion.

Three patterns of scope where chosen for service; the British Aldis, the American commercial Winchester A5 and the British PPCo.

Used by both British and Commonwealth snipers the PPCo, although robust enough for life on the Western Front, had only 2x magnification. The German Goertz scope, which was attached to the Mauser Gewher 98 rifle, provided its user with 3x magnification. Higher magnification resulted in a clearer, brighter and larger sight image.
The PPCo scope was offset, forcing the sniper to either raise their head from the stock when aiming, or to shoot with the left eye.


An original Lee-Enfield sniper rifle with Periscopic Prism Company Telescope would be circa £15,000

We have spoken to the curent owner who has confirmed this is a composed example, closely detailed to match an orginal, number stamps are old style fonts to match.
The scope, he was informed was an original SMLE Sniper PPCo scope with original scope mount and original number matching scope case. The lower scope bracket is a reproduction numbered to match the rifle. The scope and mount is of the period & may well be original, the scope comes in it's original numbered leather storage case. Volley sights are reproduction.
Fitted with a Long Butt