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Calibre .303
Target Rifle
LSA - Dated 1904
Serial No 9341K
Price: £1,200

A LSA .303 Short Magazine Lee Enfield MkI***
Naval Conversion SMLE MkIII Pattern

Excellent Condition - Fitted With a Long Butt

The earlier MkI & MkII SMLE's went through a number of upgrades in its short service life until it finaly progressed as the MkIII

Most of these upgrades were undertaken by the Royal Navy at the Royal Naval Ordnance Depots, Chatham, Portsmouth & Plymouth

Originally manufactured in 1904 at London Small Arms (LSA) in 1904 as a MkI, upgraded to MkI** circa 1908
The upgrade to MkI*** happened between 1914 & 1918.

SMLE MkI*** with the charger bridge were converted by the Navy

Approx 16,000 SMLE's were upgraded to MkI***

The MkI*** in service were finaly changed to MkIII configuration as they went in for various repairs


The action is fitted with a AJ Parker folding aperture rear target sight Model Twin Zero

These are quite repair as the Parker Hale models are normally encountered

The butt marking disc is stamped with a number 8, the Twin Zero sight is stamped No7, possibly this rifle was from a school or college Cadet Force, the number 8 could denote the
rack number & sight marked & could have been on Rifle No7

Comes with a Naval marked 1907 bayonet which complements the rifle as well.

This configuration is known as "Service Rifle B"

Because of the folding
target sight, it makes it possible to use the standard battle sight unhindered, which is the problem with the Parker Hale 5A

A Nice Target Version of The SMLE with an Excellent Bore and fitted with a Long Butt