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Magazine Lee Enfield MkI
Converted to Australian Rifle Club Pattern
Calibre .303
Serial No PB7587 / 9814
Price: £600

Good Condition

A Commercial BSA Long Lee taken in for Military Service & Marked H.G.S. which is Handsworth Grammar School.

At some point this rifle was Sold Out Of Service and eneded up in Australia & later converted to the Australian Range Pattern by fitting of a Lithgow Heavy SMLE Barrel.

To comply with the Australian Rifle Club rules after the introduction of the SMLE in to Australian Rifle Club Competitions many Long Lees were reduced in length to comply with the new regulations.

Three techniques were applied to modify barrel length.
1. The Original Barrel was shortened & recrowned
2. A new Lithgow barrel was fitted to the same profile as the M.L.E.
3. A new SMLE Barrel was fitted Standard or Heavy version

This example does not have the military rear sights, but has the Parker Model 9G Folding Target Sight

Good Condition Including The Bore