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Schmidt Rubin
Model 1906 Pioneer Bayonet
Issued With Models K11 & K31
By SIG Neuhausen

Serial No 49727
Price: £230

Very Rare Model - Excellent Condition

Issued with both long rifles & carbines depending on the muzzle ring diameter

Muzzle Ring Diameters - 14mm & 15mm

This is the 14mm Version & is suitable for the K11 & K31 Carbines

The Model 1906 Pioneer bayonet was the result of putting a wooden handle, similar to the one used on the Model 1918, on a earlier Vetterli blade.

The Model 1906 was issued to only select troops.

Issued with : Schmidt-Rubin Long Rifles & Carbines

Manufacturers: SIG Neuhausen

Serial number 811204 was originally matched with a 1916 dated Schmidt Rubin K11

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