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Model 1957 Pattern Bayonet
By Maschinenfabrik Bern
Serial No V353944
Price: £50

Excellent Condition

Manufacturered by Wenger & Victoria Schwyz.

The Assault Rifle 57, short Stgw 57, was the standard weapon of the Swiss Army from its introduction in 1957 until its replacement by the Assault Rifle 90 in the 90s.
It replaced the Modell 1931 Carbine, the light machine gun and most of the submachine guns at the end of the 50s.
The Stgw 57 is a comparatively long (approx. 110cm) and heavy (approx. 6kg) weapon in caliber 7.5 x 55 (7.5mm GP11) and allows single and full automatic fire.

Bayonet serial numbers on the model 1957 never corresponded to the Assault Rifle 57; therefore there are no bayonets with identical numbers to the Assault Rifle 57.


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