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Mauser K98
Mauser - 1937
Calibre 8x57mm
Serial No: 3997
Price: £550

A 7.92x57mm 'K98' Bolt-Magazine Service Rifle by Mauser.

Pre WW2 1937 Nazi German Mauser K98 Rifle Code S/42 which is Mauser Werke, in Oberndorf

This is a nice WW2 era German Mauser K98 Rifle. It has the early walnut stock, adjustable rear sight and is complete with bayonet bar,
adjustable rear sight & steel butt plate.

The receiver is crisply date stamped 1937 and with the Nazi German Wartime code S/42.
The weapon retains its waffenamt inspectors marks and has feint examples stamped into the butt

Nearly all parts are matching including the stock, though the bolt has been replaced in service and has electro engraved matching number.

The only part that i can see, that is not matching is the bolt release.

The rear sight has been repaired, to remove the tack weld that prevented the rear sight going past 300M, This happened to 1000's of post war German
service rifles as part of the demilitarisation process

This example has remained more or less in its original condition and has not been rebuilt or refurbished

A good Useable Example of a genuine German WW2 era Mauser With a Shooting Grade Bore