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Bonehill Mk II Martini

Target Rifle
Calibre .22
Price: £395 - Sold
Very Good Condition

Bonehill conversion of a Military Martini Henry MkII 577/450 to a .22 Target rifle for the:
"Society of Minature Rifle Clubs"

This rifle originally started out out as a BSA 1887 Military MkII rifle, then converted circa 1900 for the SMRC, this conversion consisted of fitting a new .22 barrel with adjustable front sight,
modifying the falling block for .22 and re-calibrating the sights for .22. As the .22 barrel is a few inches shorter than the original, the fore-ends were also shortened.

This particular Rifle has also been fitted with a Parker Hale Rear Taerget Sight

The Bonehill Fully Stocked conversions are not that common

This rifle may have been in Naval service originally before the .22 conversion, as can be seen by the Cancelled N mark on the right side of the receiver