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Small Frame Martini Action Rifle
Model No12
Calibre 0.22
Serial No 60168
Price £300 - Sold

Commission Sale

This model was also known as the “Famous 12”. It was first available circa 1911 and was manufactured until just after WW2.

The Model 12 was the first of the BSA Small Frame target rifles with a wide target fore-end. The 12 was built on a slightly heavier action than the previous models, the total width of No12 was 1 ¼", as opposed to 1" on earlier models. This wider action was carried forward to the Model no's 13, 15, and 12/15.

The No12 had slight variations over it life time with different rear sights, types of fore-end checkering & different foresights.
From around 1930 the cocking indicator was dispensed with.
This one has the improved Parker Hale No7A Rear Sight & Parker Hale Tunnel Foresight plus the brass Parker Hale Sight Element holder

In very good order, the fore-end & butt have been refinished with gun stock oil by the current owner and the metalwork is in very good condition

Classic & Iconic Martini Target Rifles Are Now Becoming Very Collectable

Very Good Bore