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BSA International
Calibre .22
Serial No FC1558X

Price: £295 - Sold
Very Good Condition

This the Rare Light Model

The Mk2 was the improved version of the International in that the trigger is fully externally adjustable without stripping the action out.

There were 4 versions of the Mk2: Right Hand, Left Hand, Heavy & Light

This being the "Light Model" is fitted with the 26" Barrel as opposed to the 29" barrel of the Heavy Model.

Also fitted with a front rest, this rifle is marked SALVO in various places and was originally owned by the
Salvo (Horsham) Rifle Club.

Comes with two sling point fitings and Parker Hale Sight Element holder

This particular example circa early to mid 1950s, is in very good condition with an excellent bore.

The Light Model is a very versatile & easy to use Rifle

These classic rifles are still capable of amazing accuracy at the fraction of the cost of a modern .22 target rifle.