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Bonehill Mk I / II Martini
Target Rifle
Calibre .22
Serial No 2315
Price: £450 - Sold
Very Good Condition

Originally A 1874 MkI Martini Henry

Bonehill conversion of a Military Martini Henry MkII 577/450 to a .22 Target rifle for the:
"Society of Minature Rifle Clubs"

This rifle originally started out out as a Enfield 1874 Military MkI rifle, later upgaded to MkII then converted circa 1900 for the SMRC, this conversion consisted of fitting a new .22 barrel with adjustable front sight, modifying the falling block for .22 and re-calibrating the rear sights for .22.
As the .22 barrel is a few inches shorter than the original, the fore-ends were also shortened.

This example started out as a rare MkI, and still has the MkI trigger guard with the slot for the saftey, the butt has a feint Enfield Roundel and has been lengthed in military service to the equivallent of a "Long Butt" as encountered on the SMLE and later rifles

The Bonehill Fully Stocked conversions are not that common, combining this with a rare MkI action this is a desirable example of
a .22 Converted Martini Rifle. Various military Inspectors marks including "BR" for Birmingham Repair, Original barrel band bayonet bar remains intact.

Comes with the correct front sight protector as well.

A Very Nice Example of a rare .22 Martini Conversion

An Early Example Which Would Have Been In Service At The Same Time As The Defence of Rorke's Drift;
22 January 1879