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Erfurt 1916
Calibre 8 x 57mm

This is the rare K98A model which was the forerunner to the standard K98

Double Dated & Nazi Waffenamt Inspectors Mark on the Butt

The German Kar 98a is known by several names including but not limited to: Kar.98AZ and Kar.98a.
An obvious ancestor in the K98k lineage of German carbines the Kar.98a has many common features to be later incorporated in the K98k including a
turned down bolt handle, a sling slot cut into the butt stock and overall similar looks and functionality.

Designed as a replacement for the Model 1898 Carbine and adopted in 1908 as the Kar.98AZ it has an increased barrel length over the 1898 Carbine to help reduce muzzle blast and felt recoil. Made in four arsenals: Amberg, Danzig, Erfurt, and Spandau.

During the early stages of WWI it was carried primarily by Cavalry, and Assault Troops. Later the carbine was carried often by regular German Army forces.
Easily distinguishable by the curved stacking hook located at the front underside of the carbine's forestock.
After WWI the carbine was renamed the Kar.98a to differentiate it from the Kar.98b.

This particular rifle has matching numbers & double date the same as the example in Ludwig Olson’s book on Mauser rifles. The turndown bolt has the under checkering on the bolt handle.

It was manufactured in 1916 at Erfurt and has a second date of 1920 date when it would have been issued to the German Reichswehr as specified by the Treaty of Versailles, 1919

Mostly all matching see pictures below

This example is fully marked & in Very Good Condition, a good example of a rarer Mauser not often encountered in the UK

WWI & later Reissued in 1920 and again during the Nazi era

The "1920" would indicate that it was legally in the possession of the German Military post WWI after the Versailles Treaty limited the
number of weapons & Soldiers (100,000) Germany was allowed to have.

WWI German Soldier armed with a K98a The muzzle protector is just about visible