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P14 Enfield
Rare Mk1
Calibre 0.303
Serial No: 57669
Price: £550

Provenance Ex-RAF Museum with taggs
Very Good Condition.

The stock is in very good condition and the metalwork still retains most of the original bluing.

The bore is very good & gauges well within service tolerances.

A nice P14 with original Museum Tags, this has only recently been released by a RAF Museum and proofed. It recently came in covered in old preservative and loads of built
up dust. It is fitted witha Fatboy stock with no finger-grooves, which is correct for an ERA manufactured P14. As this one is manufactured by Remington, it is a replacement stock fitted many-many years ago, I would say most definately in Military Service.

The fatboy stock does not have finger grooves becasue of the wider forend just forward of the action, they have a diagonal relief on the left side of the fore-end becuase the wider section obstructed the long range volley sights.

The original P14s were Mk1 but were upgraded very early on to the Mk1* in 1916 and new rifles were manufactured as Mk1*, the main diference are the bolt locking
lugs & extractor etc. It is uncommon to encounter original Mk1 P14s.

The stock is in excellent condition with nice markings & a nice patina, the butt has the Patt 14 Marking but is slightly feint.
The action, & bolt have matching serial numbers as does the barrel which is dated 1916.

The long range volley sights are missing, but the front dial plate has not been ground flush so could be refitted at a later date, as there is no Weedon Repair marks refitting of the
Volley Sights would be Historically Correct.

This rifle came in fitted with the Parker Hale 5B target sight, again covered in layers of stotage grease & heavy dust so has been on the rifle for many years
Could this be an ex RAF Shooting Team rifle

A Nice Original Mk1 P14 With Musem Provenance