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Arisaka Type 99
Nagoya Series 7
Circa 1944
Calibre 7.7mm Japanese
Price: £795

Very Good Condition.

Un-Touched Chrysanthemum

This is an Nagoya arsenal manufactured Model 99 7.7mm calibre short rifle with a Department of control (chief inspector) inspection kana mark.

Manufactured later in the war, this is an early series 7 rifle that incorporated some economies such as the scrapping of the monopod rest
and the impractical aircraft sights. The rear sight on this rifle is the issue sight which is shorter than the earlier aircraft sights.

This particular rifle‘s bolt is matched with the receiver which is not common, most are mismatched

This has a second type safety cover on the bolt which features a series of milled grooves, the very early rifles had a
chrysanthemum cover and the later rifles were simple welded.

This rifle has many of the features of the earlier rifles including a metal butt plate, and an adjustable rear peep sight
adjustable to 1500 metres. At this stage of the war the rifles still had the Shiki or type numbers stamped into the top
of the receiver.

This particular rifle was probably a battlefield pickup from a fallen Japanese soldier because the
royal Chrysanthemum is totally intact.

When the war ended it was agreed that the symbol could be ground off to save face by not allowing the
surrendered weapons with the royal symbol to be handled by foreigners. This was done mechanically or electrically and
all traces of the Chrysanthemum were removed.

The butt of the Arisaka was made in two pieces dove tailed together and towards the end of the war unseasoned wood was used
as an expedient and often the butts feature a wide separation gap but this is a nice one that was made with seasoned wood.

The bore of the rifle is Very Good and has been recently proofed (Nov 2013).

Overall a very nice untouched example of a classic Type 99 Japanese Rifle.