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Mauser K98
Mauser AG Oberndorf
Calibre 7.92
Serial No 40314
Price: £500

Very Good Condition

WW2 1944 Nazi German Mauser K98 Rifle Code BYF

This is a nice WW2 1944 dated German Mauser K98 Rifle. It has the laminated stock, adjustable rear sight and is complete with bayonet bar,
cleaning rod, adjustable rear sight & steel butt plate. The sling is an original.

The receiver is crisply date stamped 1944 and with the Nazi German Wartime code BYF.
The weapon retains its waffenamt inspectors marks

BYF is the code for the Mauser AG Oberndorf factory

A good Useable Example of a genuine German War Dated Mauser