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Norwegian Krag–Jorgensen
Calibre .22LR
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Training Rifle

Excellent Condition.

The Krag – Jorgensen rifle was developed during late 1880s by two Norwegians: Ole Krag, director of Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk
(Kongsberg weapons factory), and gunsmith Erik Jørgensen.

The first country to adopt these rifles in 1889 was Denmark, which had long historical links with neighboring Norway. Danish Krag-Jorgensen rifles, chambered for 8x58R ammunition, stayed in front-line service with Danish army until German occupation of 1940.

Norwegian army adopted its own version of the Krag-Jorgensen in 1894, chambering it for an excellent 6.5x55 rimless cartridge, better known today as
6,5mm Swedish Mauser (at this time Norway was united with Sweden under Swedish rule). Most of Norwegian issue Krag – Jorgensen rifles were produced at
Kongsberg arms factory between 1894 and 1922, although some were also ordered from Steyr arms factory in Austria. These rifles served with Norwegian army
until the end of WW2.

This example was manufactured in 1910 at the Kongsberg Factory and is still in excellent condition with matching serial numbers throughtout. It shows Nazi Gemany capture marks. At some point in its life it was converted to .22LR for training purposes. It still retains its original military sling.

The conversion consisted of fitting a new barrel where the bore is out of alignment to the external barrel profile which means the bolt
does not have to be modified for rim fire

"The occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany started with the German invasion of Norway on 9 April 1940 and ended on 8 May 1945,
after the capitulation of German forces in Europe"

An extremley Rare Training Rifle, probally the only one of two in the UK