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Pedersoli Sharps
Long Range Target Rifle
Calibre 45/70
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The Pedersoli 1874 Sharps Long-Range Rifle is an accurate reproduction of the Sharps Long-Range Rifle made in December of 1876

Its double-set trigger harks back to February of 1879, when several hundred pieces were made with double-set triggers instead of the original single.

Stock and forend are made of select checkered walnut. The civil-type stock with pistol grip and cheekpiece provide shooting stability.

The forend is finished with a German-silver cap.

This is a very heavy & serious piece of kit for Long Range Shooting

Fitted with Pedersoli Silhouette Long Range Creedmoor sight

High precision Creedmoor sight adjustable for elevation and with double adjustment for windage at the base and on the eyepiece for an exact setting.
Adjustable for different tang angles

Due to the specialist nature of this rifle I would advise viewing in person