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Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30
Sniper Rifles
Tula 1944
Serial No 378

£800 £HELD

We have just received a small batch of genuine Model 1891/30 Russian Nagant Sniper rifles.

They are all direct ex russian military rifles and still have some storage grease remaining on them that will need to be cleaned off, they were all refurbished after WW2 in Russian State Arsenals and then put in to deep storage and only just recently released.

They all have matching numbers

PU Scopes still have the Arsenal Storage Grease & Rustless Paper

These are one of the last batches of Nagant rifles to come out of Russia.
No more are coming out due to the Russian Arms Embargo so get them while they are still available and cheap

These are Genuine Sniper Rifles and not the cleaned up standard 91/30 rifles that have been cobbled together with newly made parts to resemble a Sniper Rifle.

These rifles are all in very good condition, with shooting grade bores.