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Long Branch No4 Mk1*
Serial No 26L0380
Price: £495

Ex-Italian Navy
Details of these rifles cane be seen here

In Very Good Condition.

Manufactured in 1943 by Long Branch in Canada

This is one of several very nice Long Branch No4s in excellent condition, it has the original with 300/600 yd rear sight & two groove rifling.
They have recently come out of military storage and have recently been civilian proofed for the first time.
These are service original and have not been messed around in civilian ownership.

Nearly all the original military Finish remains.
The action, bolt fore-end & magazine have matching serial numbers.

The wood-work is in excellent condition. The butt is a Normal Length Butt a alloy butt plate. The trigger is crisp with the correct two stage pull.

The barrel is original and is in very good condition with no wear, and has the standard 2 groove right hand rifling

This rifle has not been refinished

This is an Genuine example of a WW2 war dated No4 Lee Enfield still in its original military condition.