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Military Target Rifle
Royal Ordnance Factory Enfield 1970
Calibre 7.62x51
Price: £800

Excellent Condition

This particular example was manufactured at Enfield in 1970 and is number A760

The L39A1 has a half stocked forend fitted with a Enfield hammer foged heavy barrel
built on a No4 Mk2 action. It was originally designed as a single loader for use with a 303 magazine which was simply used as a loading platform.

These rifles were originally supplied to the military units with a .303 magazine, no target sights and a standard No4 Butt. Each particular unit fitted the required sights,
some fitted the optional 7.62mm magazine and replaced the butt with one from the No8 Rifle.

This rifle still has the standard butt, however the magazine has been replaced with the correct CR prefixed magazine and numbered to the rifle.

This rifle has a removable rubber eye cap fitted to the rear sight and the fore-end has a remoavble handstop fitted. Both are included with the rifle.
The butt has been recessed to accept the Parker Hale Element Holder, this is 100% correct and is indicative that the rifle has a correct L39 butt fitted.

The Enfield hammer-forged barrel is fitted with Parker-Hale foresight tunnel, the receiver is mounted with a Parker-Hale 'PH5' target sight.

The serial number is matching on the action, bolt & fore-end

This rifle is in Excellent - Almost Mint Condition And will be Hard to Better

Butt Has Been Recessed to Accept the Pareker Hale Element Holder. This is a Genuine Enfield Factory Modification to a standard Butt for the L39.
This is how they left the factory at Enfield