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British Sniper Rifle
ROF Enfield 1971
Calibre 7.62mm
Serial No G32974
Price: SOLD

A genuine L42A1 Sniper Rifle with CES (Comple Equipment Schedule)

Rifle G32974 is recorded on the List of L42s manufactured as part of Batch Number 14 consisting of 19 weapons
and has a recorded conversion date of 18th June 1971.
Dispatched to Donnington

Between 1970 - 1981 Approx 1,200 No4Ts Were Converted to the L42A1
(Approx 200 Destroyed In Service)

This is one of the best L42's I have seen in a number of years, converted at Enfield in1971 from a BSA 1944 dated No4T

This example even has the original "container pull through"

This L42 has an excellent Enfield barrel and comes. Correct L1A1 telescope with original lens covers, Rose brothers mount marked to the rifle, telescope number to the wrist of the butt chamber stick, cleaning kit, telescope tin (marked to the rifle and telescope) and correct scout regiment telescope contained within the chest.


This is as good as it gets you will be hard pressed to get a better L42A1

100% Correct & Original with all the supplied equipment