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No7 Mk1
Calibre .22
Serial No BS0148
Price: £1,995

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A Genuine No7 RAF Training Rifle in Mint Condition

The No7 rifle was adopted in 1948 and was .22 the training version of the No4 .303 Lee Enfield

They were manufactured by Birmingham Small Arms Co, only 2,500 were manufactured and were used for training by the Royal Air Force and R.A.F. Regiment.

They are fitted with a solid barrel, and a specially produced long bolt head. A standard "SMLE" magazine had the spring and loading platform removed and a plate riveted into the top with a slot and channel to hold a modified BSA Sportsman five round .22" magazine. This magazine, which in its original utilisation was fitted into the rifle from below, was now inserted from the top by the simple expedient of inverting its locking clip and spring in their box section at the rear of the unit.

These rifles rarely come on to the market and this one is in exceptional condition with the bore in new condition, the only thing I can criticize is the magazine which is genuine but not matching, every thing else is all matching.

A Very Rare Rifle With a Low Serial Number