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Parker Hale T4
Calibre 7.62mm

Price: £425

|Very Good Condition.

The T4s were built by Parker Hale to compete with the Enfield Envoy and similar 7.62 Target rifles.

The PH T4s were built on Enfield No4 Actions, all parts were new except the action, bolt & trigger guard, the barrel, wood work, magazine & sights were all newly manufactured.

Parker HaleTarget Sight is fitted, along with a Parker Hale Tunnel Fore-Sight.

Also comes with a target hand stop fitted to the accessory rail, and the trigger has also been fitted with a larger trigger shoe.

The receiver has also been drilled & tapped to allow the PH Scope mounts to be fitted , whic is the same set up used for the Enfield Enforcer Police Sniper rifle

This example is in Good Condition including the Bore.