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No4T Mk1
Sniper Rifle
Long Branch 1943
Calibre .303
Serial No 39L7716
Price: £6500

Commission Sale

Rifle , Scope & Scope Tin are all dated 1943

This rifle is in excellent good condition including the 5-Groove Bore which measures .3035"

We beleive this to be one of the 71 Pre-Production No4Ts Built by Long Branch in 1943

The Scope is a Canadian Mk1 dated 1943 by REL (Research Enterprises Ltd)

The scope tin is dated 1943 and also manufactured by REL and comes complete with the sight adjusting tools

The scope is mis- matched to the number on the butt, the butt is showing scope No 10-C and the scope fitted is No 271-C, however this still remains a rare rifle.
The scope Optics are crystal clear and scope functions correctly.

The rear Mk1 sight is Long Branch marked as well.

The reproduction sling is not incuded, its borrowed from another rifle to just for testing, however it comes with Leather Scope Lense Caps

A Historically Rare Canadian Long Branch No4T

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