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P14 Enfield
Eddystone ERA
Calibre 0.303
Serial No: 207256
Price: £475

Very Good Condition

This is the "FAT-BOY" P14 by Eddystone (ERA)

The Fatboy stock has no finger-grooves, which is correct for an ERA manufactured P14.
As the Fatboy stock does not have finger grooves becasue of the wider forend just forward of the action, they have a diagonal relief on the
left side of the fore-end becuase the wider section obstructed the long range volley sights.

Because of the sturdier Fore-end they were preferred over the Winchester & Renighton made P14s for use with Rifle Grenades

This example has been through Weedon Repair and has the Weedon Star Mark with the E code denoting this work was undertaken at Enfield

Every thing is in good order and comes with an original web sling