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Pattern 14 Sniper Rifle
Alexander Martin
No.3 MkI* (T)A

Calibre .303
Price: £2,995

Commission Sale

Requirement for Sniper Rifles WW2

Many of the original Pattern 1914 sniper rifles, No.3 MkI* (T), had been disposed of to other Empire forces during the inter-war period so the number of sniper rifles in War Reserve was very low. The contract for mounting the Aldis sights to No.3 rifles was undertaken by Alexander Martin of Glasgow

The first Alexander Martin No.3 MkI* (T)A rifles were contracted in 1939

Similar to the earlier Pattern 1914 rifles used for sniper conversions, only Winchester made rifles were used and the designation of the new rifles was No.3 MkI* (T)A, the "A" indicating Aldis scope. Many of the Aldis scopes were the orinal ones used on the WWI SMLE rilfes. The telescopes were soldered onto a non-detachable mount Pattern No.3 and No.4 of the Aldis telescopes have been noted set up on the Alexander Martin mount, but most of the scopes used were the No.4 type. For a short time early in the war, the Aldis pattern was referred to as the MkI*.

The ongoing contracts with Alexander Martin resulted in a total of 421 units being supplied, with contracts dates of July 1, 1940 and April 26th, 1941, for 400 and 21 units respectively. A small number of Periscopic Prism Co. and Watts telescopes were utilized as well, but the designation of the rifle remained the same, No.3 MkI* (T)A.

As can be seen from the pics, the telescope is custom fitted and mounted quite close to the action and soldered onto the long mount. On the front of this mount, a lug protrudes through the wooden handguard from the left side of the rifle, attached to a sleeve around the barrel. The telescope is soldered directly to the mount, which is marked as below and it is secured to the lug on the rifle by a screw. Finally, during the conversion process, the long range aperture sights were removed with dial side plate left in fore-end.

The mounts are marked:


The mount of the telescope is 3/4 inch offset to the left of the bore and windage adjustment can be effected by moving the rear mount, although the telescope is not quick detachable and would require re-zeroing if removed from the rifle.

The rear mount is fixed to the receiver, which has a portion of the sight protecting ears milled away. Because of the close fit of the telescope, the original sights have been removed and a special aperture fixed peep sight is fitted for emergency use, ranged at 300 yards.


This example I beleive is composed, possibly using original mounts and a Aldis scope

As these are extremely rare and there are no others to readily compare against, this rifle could well be original, however based on experience I would say
this is a composed example. If I was 100% sure this was an original rifle built by Alex Martin the price would be cosiderably much more.

The optics are bright & clear and the work is to a very high standard comaparble to a genuine example.

I have test fired this rifle and is in full working order.

In these situations I would recomend viewing the rifle prior to purchase, being a commission sale I can put you in
direct contact with owner should you have any questions that I can not answer.