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BSA Lee Speed
Sporting Rifle Charger Loading
Calibre .303
Serial No
Circa 1910
Price: £450

Very Good Condition

This particular rifle is in really nice condition.
The woodwork is walnut which is chequered at the wrist & fore-end. The butt plate is the correct version with the BSA Logo.

The overall length is approximately 3ft 8 inches; the weight is 7 1/2 lb and the barrel has 5 groove Enfield rifling. Express open-sights are fitted; the back sight is 100 yards fixed, folding leaves for 200 & 300 yards and tangent from 400 to 1000 yards and block-mounted bead-foresight.

The barrel is marked for MkVI .303 cartridge, the MkVI with 215Grn bullet was superseded in 1910 with the MkVII cartridge with the 174Grn Bullet. The barrel has a shooting grade bore but does have some frosting at the muzzle end.

The action is the Charger Loading Long Lee (CLLE) style action with magazine cut-off and charger loading bridge. The correct bolt is fitted which has the swept handle & flattened knob, similar to that used on the military carbines. Standard bolt safety is fitted the same as on the Long Lees. This differs from the SMLE which has the action mounted safety.