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BSA Sparkbrook
Serial No A8364
Price: £1,000

Commission Sale

Very Good Condition

A SMLE MkI that has been upgraded a few times as can be seen by the different style of asterix.

Originally a BSA MkI then upgraded to MkI** then finally MkI***

The final upgrade to I*** was approved on the 22nd April 1914 and proably coincided with the replacement barrel dated 1914

A genuine SMLE with original parts, all parts are matching, but have been renunbered in service.

Shooting grade bore which refuses a .305" gauge.

The wood is a little dry and is currently absorbing a fresh coat of Boiled Linseed Oil.

I have had to to do a little work on this rifle to bring it up to scratch. The front handguard had to be be replaced becasue it was cracked, the replacement is
a Genuine original part, not a modern reproduction, I have stained it to closely match the rest of the rifle. The inspectors mark show this part was manufucatured at LSA (London Small Arms) and the front metal tip is Enfield marked.

The trigger guard front screw had a damaged slot and has been replaced and the Butt marking disc is a
replacement becasue the hole had been blanked off at some point.

A good useable example of a rare early SMLE