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Lithgow 1942
Calibre .22
Serial No 23120
Price: £750

Excellent Untouched Condition

This is a Genuine Australian Lithgow No2 MkIV*

Converted in August 1946 from a 1942 rifle, as marked on the butt & butt socket.

Lovely Australian Coachwood in unntouched condition, I have checked and it is correctly fitted with copper bearings at the draws.
Rifles Stocked in Coach Wood should all have the copper bearings.

Correct Parkerised Finish, magazine marked ".22", all parts are marked with Lithgow inspectors marks,
the woodwork was manufactured by Slazenger.

Australian .22 SMLEs are un-common in the UK.

With access to military Ranges deminishing & the current cost of .303 ammunition this a more affordable way of still
shooting the Classic Lee Enfied

The bore on this rifle is in Mint Condition