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BSA Lee Speed Pattern
Sporting Rifle
Calibre .303
Serial No 5532
Price: £375

Very Good Condition

This particular rifle is quite interesting as it is a BSA commercial rifle with all matching numbers including the cocking piece & rear sight.
It has sold out of service marks denoting it has been in British Military service at some point, probably during WW1 when we were short of arms.

I cannot be sure but believe this was originally a commercial Charger loading Lee Enfield circal 1900, which was taken in to military service during WW1.
After the war when this rifle was surplused it was converted in to a sporting rifle, which required shortening of the barrel & fitting a ramp foresight,
shortening of the fore-end & reshaping
& finally fitting of a sporting butt. Conversion to a sporting rifle configuarion were typically undertaken by Partker Hale or AJ parker.

This particular rifle is in very good condition, including the bore. The metal work retains most of its original finish & the butt plate has fine ornate engraving.
The woodwork is walnut which is chequered at the wrist. There is a silver escutcheon on the lower butt.

The overall length is approximately 3ft 8 inches; the weight is 7 1/2 lb and the barrel has 5 groove Enfield rifling.
The back sight is fully windage adjustable & the front rampsight is dovetaled for individual sight elements.

The magzine is a 5 round Sporting Magazine not a converted 10 round military mag.

This is a very useable classic sporting rifle which has had a very interesting history in its 100 plus years life.