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BSA Lee Speed
No1 Pattern Sporting Rifle
Retailed by William Powell & Sons Birmingham

Calibre .303
Circa 1900
Price: £895

Excellent Condition
The Early versions of the Lee-Metford and Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifles that were sold commercially were required to carry acknowledgement of the patent holders for the designs used. The inventor of the bolt-action was the renowned, James Paris Lee. Joseph Speed was a senior manager at the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield Lock between 1891 and 1909. He was closely involved in the production and manufacture of the Lee-actioned rifles for the British military, and made improvements to the action. It become customary for the factory Superintendents to make the applications for designs and alterations in their own name.
Those rifles built by various manufacturers for commercial sale were hence marked

This particular rifle is in really nice condition, the metal work has the superior finish which has fine ornate engraving to the action, butt plate, trigger guard & magazine. The woodwork is fine selected walnut which is chequered at the wrist & fore-end & has a horn tipped fore-end. There is a silver escutcheon on the lower butt.

The overall length is approximately 3ft 8 inches; the weight is 7 1/2 lb and the barrel has 5 groove Enfield rifling and is fiited with a machined sporting rib. The back sight is 100 yards fixed, folding leaves for 200 & 300 yards and tangent from 400 to 100 yards. The front sight is adjustment bead, platinum tipped. The bolt is the correct swept bolt with the flattened bolt handle
as used on the military carbines.

The original BSA Patent shotgun thumb saftey is still present and the dust cover is inscribed by the retailer "William Powell & Sons Birmingham"

The bore is excellent but is beleived to have been rebarrelled at some time & the rib refitted. This has been done to a very high profesional standard.

This rifle has been in the same family since the 1930s along with the Rigby Manlicher rifle we are also selling for them. The butt has several notches cut underneath which represent deer taken
with this rifle. The family beleive this is game shot in the UK and not abroad.

Great Opportunity to own a very nice Lee Speed Sporting Rifle from a bygone era.