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National Rifle Factory No1
NRF 1918

Irish Fianna Fáil Marked
Calibre .303
Serial No N96
Price: £550

Very Good Condition

This is the standard MkIII* .303 SMLE rifle manufactured by the National Rifle Factory (NRF) in 1918
The NRF Rifles are commonly referred to as the Peddled Scheme Rifle.

This rifle has neen renumbered at some point, the original numbers are barred out and has been re-numbered to N96.

As war was looming the large store of war reserve stocks were being prepared, this example is typical of the programmes in 1938/39 where many were rebarreled. This rifle was rebarreled in 1938 as marked on the left side of the barrel.

This is a nice standard MkIII* SMLE by one of the rarer manufacturers and the icing on the cake is the FF marks denoting Irish ownership.

A nice rifle that has an excellent almost new bore.