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Lee-Enfield SMLE Rifle .22RF Pattern 1914
Training Rifle
Calibre .22
Serial No 2727
Price: £800

Excellent Condition
Introduced on 24th May 1915 as the "Rifle, Short, .22-inch, R.F. Pattern 1914"

This rifle was originally manufactured in 1899 by BSA as a LE I*
(Long Lee-Enfield Mark I*).

It was then converted in 1905 to a ‘’SHT LE Cond II’’ at Enfield

It was yet again converted by A.G. Parker & Co. Ltd. to a “.22 PATT ‘14”

This rifle is in excellent condition with almost a mint bore, the barrel, action & bolt have matching serial numbers, and the rear sight has been recalibrated
to 25 yds and has a matching number as well. The muzzle is marked by AG Parker and also has the Parker Rifled trade mark.

The conversion from .303 to .22 was achieved by boring out the original .303 barrel this was then relined with a .22 calibre rifled sleeve
which was soldered in place, this process was known as Parker Rifling.

Other features are the bolt which still has the slot where the original dust cover from the Long Lee would have been located,
the lugs were removed during the conversion to the SHT Rifle configuration, and the butt still has the earlier type Long Lee sling swivel. The correct
MkI nose cap with curved in ears is also fitted.

The rear sight has the bone inserts on the slider and the purpose of this was to insulate fingers from the heat which transferred into the sight leaf from a barrel
which had been subjected to rapid fire, when the temperature could build up to high enough levels to cause a burn sufficient to blister the fingers.

The magazine cut-off slot is present in the receiver; but the magazine cut-off has been removed. This was no longer required because it would only be an
obstruction to the collection of fired and extracted empty rimfire cartridge cases which simply drop into the magazine, which has had the plat form follower and spring removed.

Each .22 cartridge is loaded individually in to the chamber hence another reason to remove the cut-off and magazine platform because
space is required below the chamber for one's thumb, since the cartridge is usually held between finger and thumb.

The only down side is that the receiver has been drilled & tapped for a side scope mount, as this is such a rare rifle it was decided to
fit blanking screws instead of plugging the holes & refinishing the action which would result in a loss of originality.

A Very Rare Example of a Early SMLE Training Rifle Which is In Excellent Condition

Below is the Riveted Charger Bridge Stop fitted when this rifle was converted to a Short Lee Enfield (SMLE)

Butt Socket Showing The Orignal Designation then the Various Convserions


Matching serial number on the rear sight (left) and close up of the early Mk1 nose cap (right)