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No1 MkIII*
Reinforced (Wire Wrapped)
Calibre .303
Serial No 61973X
FTR 1951

Price: £350

Excellent Condition

Unusual And Quite Rare A Genuine Wire Wrapped SMLE Designed For Use With Rifle Grenades

The re-inforced SMLEs were developed by the British for two purposes and both were to prevent wounds caused by the woodwork splintering if the barrel burst.
The purposes were for training using downgraded emergency use arms and when the rifle was used to discharge rifle grenades.

The rifle is reinforced by wrapping copper wire which is soldered in place to prevent it from becoming loose, there is also a reinforcing bolt in the fore-end
to prevent the fore-end from splitting.

This particular rifle came from the trade and is believed to have come out of a collection in France. It was Factory Thorough Repaired in 1951 at RFI which
is the Rifle Factory Ishapore. This rifle is almost in the same condition it would have left the Factory 60+ years ago and appears to have never been used in Military Service
and has proably had very little use in civillian ownership.

The wood has a lovely original & untouched patina and most of the Suncorite over parkerised finish on all the metalwork is still intact, the nose cap is the very distintive
RFI type which is more squared to the earlier versions. All serial numbers match including the rear sight & nose cap.

The receiver has nice clear Indian post independence marks which is the Ashoka mark, this would have replaced British Crown & GRI
(George Rex Imperiatus, King George) Marks.

*** Re-Inforced Wire Wrapped SMLE for the Specialist Lee Enfield Collector ***
*** Excellent Condition Including The Bore ***