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Commercial Mauser
Sporting Rifle Built by John Knott
Circa 1950
Calibre .303
Serial No 120667
Price £Sold

Rare Mauser Sporting Rifle in .303 British.
By A Renowned 1950s Gunsmith Who Built the rifles for The 1948 Olympics.

Knott-Broughton, were based in Kingston-upon-Thames, John C.J. Knott and S. Broughton. Knott, a keen shot in a number of disciplines, is best known as the man who produced the rifles used by the British team at the 1948 Olympics in London.
He also competed internationally himself, representing Great Britain in the Pershing trophy at Camp Perry in 1953. He emigrated to America in 1954, and appears to have died about ten years later, aged 50
As already mentioned, the initials "K-B" came from Knott & Broughton. Broughton was an original partner but the partnership broke up at some point.
The stocks were made and finished in-house, by Mr. Cecil South. Mr South had a special finishing formula which he kept secret, making it at home and bringing the materials in to work - the secret was to die with him.
This particular rifle is built on a commercial Mauser action with the Mauser banner logo; the Mauser action-body has a thumb-recess and charger-guide. The bolt has a Buehler flag-safety. The stock is a customised figured stock with pistol grip, the butt section has Monte Carlo comb which is grooved for the bolt, and is fitted with a recoil-pad
The fore-stock is inset with an ivorine medallion engraved A K-B Product
The barrel is marked; Special B.S.A. Barrel, Specification 1950 and 303 Match Cartridge.
This rifle was built without any provision for iron sights; the stock is still in very good condition. The bore is also in very good condition with no signs of any wear. There is however some very light speckling in the bore the last couple of inches in from the
muzzle end.

This rifle is not quite ready for sale at the moment, the previous owner removed the scope blocks (and lost the rear one) because he intended to fit some sort of express sight, but this never happened, we have the original scope (Weaver K4) and PH mounts, but are trying to locate a rear scope base, to enable us to remount the scope.


John Knott Avert Circa 1950

John Knott Circa 1949