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Dated 1917
Calibre .303
Serial No G34944

Commission Sale

Price: £550

Matching Serial Numbers & in very Good Condition

This is the standard MkIII .303 SMLE rifle manufactured by BSA in 1917.

It was originally a MkIII* but was upgraded post WW1 War to MkIII when the the windage asjustable sights & magazine cut offs were re-introduced

The wood work is in really nice condition, The bolt, Action, Barrel, Magazine & Nose Caps have matching serial numbers.

The left hand side of the butt scoket has one or two dates indicating when it was repaired, the last one appears to be 1928.

Fitted with Magazine cutt off, Windage adjustable rear sight, piling swivel and the additional sling swivel on the trigger guard

The barrel was replaced at Enfield in 1938 and was probably refurbished at the same time.

The butt has a little shading where a rubber butt pad has been used at one time.

A Nice Tidy WW1 SMLE With a Good Shooting Grade Bore